1. Throughout this document, Waterside Graphics.co.uk will be referred to as WG and we reserve the right to amend or vary our terms and conditions at any time, without notice.

  2. By using WG's services, be that web design, design for print or artwork, the client is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions whether or not the client has been provided with a copy of the terms and conditions.

  3. We will endeavour to make sure that our terms and conditions will always be available to read on our website.

  4. All quotes given are valid for a period of 30 days and WG reserves the right to adjust the quote once this period has passed.

  5. WG reserves the right to change prices on its web site or published material without notice but will notify clients who have work in progress by WG of impending price changes.

  6. WG will provide technical support on the clients web sites, but cannot be held responsible for any downtime on the servers the web sites are hosted on or any other technical failure resulting in their web site being temporarily disabled in any way. WG will of course do all it can to resolve any such matters and will notify the client of any progress.

  7. Technical help, advice, artwork proofing and graphical idea generation is subject to our standard hourly rate, but WG reserves the right to charge a minimum or maximum fee depending on the type of project or time involved.

  8. Design supplied by WG shall not in any form be liable for loss of turnover, sales, revenue, profits, consequential or special loss or damage caused by the use or misuse of the supplied graphics or service or indeed any unavailability of any of its services or supplied graphics.

  9. WG reserves the right to suspend any of its clients web sites if their web site is found to be proactive in any form of unsolicited bulk email (spam) or any other unacceptable activity associated with any service or supplied artwork or web site provided by WG.

  10. WG does not accept responsibility for the effect supplied artwork on CD or email or program may have on their computers. Clients are asked to virus check any supplied CD and/or attachments sent from WG even though WG will be thorough in its checking procedures.

  11. The client is generally asked to purchase Domain Names and Hosting from recommended companies so that the client retains the rights of ownership. Refunds and disputes are a matter for the client and hosting company and in no way will WG be held responsible for any dispute between third parties.

  12. It is the clients responsibility to renew hosting and domain name accounts although WG will be vigilant in reminding the client when the account is due for renewal, but WG cannot be held responsible for loss of Domain Name or Hosting due to the client not meeting the renewal date.

  13. Any client wishing to move their designed web site from WG to another designer will be liable for a transfer fee which will be 30% of the original web site set up costs. To release artwork, logos or any other graphics work carried out by WG for a client to other sources on the clients request, a transfer fee of 30% of the original costs will be charged.

  14. By asking WG to proceed with conceptual design for print or web after agreeing upon quotes given, either through letter or email, the client has entered into a contractual project agreement and as such will be liable for costs incurred through time involved in conceptual design.

  15. The client will agree to pay 50% of web design costs prior to work commencing on their web site after initial proofs and roughs are agreed. During the set up and proofing process, the client is entitled to a minimum of alterations on their web site, but will agree to pay for our standard hourly rate if alterations are deemed to be vastly different to agreed proof and original ideas.

  16. With regards to work carried out for initial design for print, the client shall agree to pay a discounted rate (up to 50% of usual hourly rate) for the time incurred for conceptual design if artwork is no longer required by the client for whatever reason.

  17. WG cannot be held responsible for artwork, photos or content supplied by the client that is deemed of poor quality or incorrect file size or format. WG will advise on appropriate formats and quality.

  18. WG shall not be held responsible for variations in colour on printed projects if final project is different to supplied proof. WG advises the client to ask the printing company for a proof. If artwork supplied by the client to WG has a particular pantone colour, WG will endeavour to make sure the final print will match the supplied colour, however WG will not be responsible for variations in colour.

  19. Where WG registers a domain name and hosting on behalf of the client, the registered name and hosting will be regarded as held by WG and renewal is the responsibility of WG. If at a later date the client wishes to have the domain name registered in their own name, then a transfer fee will incur as laid out by the terms of Nominet.

  20. WG shall not be held responsible for failure to renew a domain name or hosting on behalf of the client, but would request that the client keeps track of the starting date and renewal date and informs WG at least 30 days prior to renewal date.

  21. WG provides no warranty that the domain name purchased by the client or by WG on the clients behalf will not infringe the rights of any third party and the client will indemnify WG in respect of any such infringements.

  22. Web site content is the responsibility of the client including obtaining legal permission for any material and making sure that copyrighted material is properly purchased or indeed not used if unauthorised. Inappropriate content that is deemed offensive in any way will result in WG suspending the web site and a transfer fee will incur (13). WG reserves the right to suspend any web site it works on if content is inappropriate and/or offensive in any way that is deemed to violate UK or International Law and the web designers code of ethics as laid out by the International Association of Web Masters and Designers and the UK Web Design Association.

  23. WG reserves the right to place a small and unintrusive "designed and maintained by Waterside Graphics.co.uk" paragraph or graphic with a link to the WG web site on the index page of all designed sites.

  24. All graphics, layout, artwork, html code on web sites, printed projects and any other graphics work remain the property of WG and is copyrighted to WG. Supplied photos, artwork, logos and any other material from the client remains copyrighted to the client. Supplied photos or images are taken in good faith as being owned by the client and any copyright disputes relating to original source material or photographs are the responsibility of the client therefore WG will not accept any responsibility for any copyright disputes that may arise.

  25. In the event of any dispute between the client and WG regarding late payment, offensive material supplied by client or any other matter, WG reserves the right to withhold or withdraw all web pages and image files until such dispute is resolved.

  26. WG will not undertake work involving the design of any inappropriate or offensive material or any web site promoting or selling products or services that are illegal in the UK or are of an "adult" nature or promotes hatred or socially unacceptable services, products or material.

  27. PRIVACY: WG are required by law to provide contact details of their clients to hosting companies who in turn agree not to disclose client information to any third party other than in section (28) below.

  28. WG reserves the right to supply client information as a result of a lawful request by the police or government authorities that require the information as part of a legal enquiry.

  29. These terms and conditions do not affect the statutory rights of the client.

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